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A new paradigm, contact with other worlds and dimensions, interdimensional communication, UFO, aliens, life after death, borderline science

Forskning, fakta, indicier, bevis och människors upplevelser visar på

ett nytt vetenskapligt paradigm - en ny multidimensionell världsbild


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Gravkullar i Brottby

Välkommen till Eva och Tonys hemsida om den multidimensionella väldsbilden


World Wide Phenomena !

Over 4000 Crop Circles and 1250 Different Types of messages with them. In over 50 Countries WorldWide !! Over 1000 plus hours of Video, 40,000 Photos !! , and 10,000 Documents written and being studied by Government Agencies and still there is no official word with regard to this worldwide phenomena.


During the last fifteen years, scientific research has been carried out on crop circles, mainly in the USA, but also in the Netherlands and other places. This research has brought astonishing results, and among other findings, the researchers claim to have revealed some of the forces that are involved when crop circles form.

On the basis of the studies of more than 250 formations in nine different countries during these years, the researchers have identified Physical, Biological and Chemical changes to the grain and the soil within the crop formations. These changes have not been found in the control samples from outside the formations.

Based upon these structural findings, one claims to have proven that those crop circles, in which these changes are found, could not have been made by mechanical flattening of the crop by humans.

This is about Raising of Human Consciousness" - Colin Andrews.

There perhaps is a huge meaning and profound substance to this.

Notice the perfection, beauty, the magnificence, also the massive size of some of the formations relative to the people lying in it.

Colin Andrews at a conference.

Crop Circles create a frequency all over the Globe, They are a Language of a higher intelligence.

Each design originates from the Cosmic Super Consciousness

awakening those who are guided to create and experience its divine energies.

Most formations are encoded with metaphoric content to that end.

Bilder, forskning och teorier som om dessa. Mer finns under 6 punkts system